Ardmore Coffee

Even though working as a barista was a part time job, I still found myself contributing to Ardmore Coffee through my creative hands! For the year that I worked there I ran the shop’s social media accounts, kick-started their online presence and grew their follower base three times over.

Through self-initiated promotion on their Instagram, Facebook, and in-shop graphics I kept an open line of communication between our staff and customer base. Ardmore Coffee has a small staff and neighborhood appeal – tons of regular customers would walk from their house for a daily latte. The social media accounts became essential for them because I posted any closings, events, or updates.

Creating daily posts for a year also advertised the shop to people who had never been before. I could easily get photographs of freshly made drinks, coffee supplies, moody shots of the shop on rainy days, and even customer appreciation posts. I mixed these photographs with motivational captions to show a familiar and friendly place that always offered and lovely local experience.

Showing off this appeal would frequently bring in people who wanted to explore because “they saw it on the Instagram!”. Other photographers would pop in and use the space to promote their own creative work. One of my posts was featured in the Best Of Winston, a local Insta with over 10k followers.

Slowly but surely I saw 300 people following grow to over 1,000 in addition to shop sales and visitors noticeably growing. I was happy that I could help a small business grow its local community and promote an image for itself.